A Wide Range of Aircraft Choices to Meet Every Charter Need

We can arrange any type of aircraft charter to meet your business or leisure travel requirements, from a 4-passenger light jet to a midsize business jet, such as our 8-passenger Cessna Citation XLS, all the way up to a 13 + passenger Bombardier Global Express jet with the comfort needed for long-range international travel.

featured aircraft - Citation XLS

The Citation XLS is one of the best selling midsize business jets ever built. This aircraft owes its popularity to its ability to operate out of smaller airports while offering ample room and stand-up comfort for 8 passengers.








 8 Pax

 2 Pilots

 5’7” (H) X 5’5” (W)

 434 Kts
 (500 mph)

 45,000 ft
 (13,716 m)

 1,800 nm
 (3,334 Km)

  • Spacious baggage compartment (for example: 8 golf bags plus 8 carry-on bags)
  • Example of flight non-stop: Los Angeles - Chicago, New York - Miami
  • Complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi internet
  • Full refreshment center
  • Private lavatory
  • Satellite phone


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